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Annuities are contracts between individuals and insurance companies to help you create the retirement you want and/or protect the retirement income you have. No longer your “father’s annuity,” you may choose an investment vehicle with upside potential and no downside risk.

Your money will grow in a tax deferred product like an annuity because interest compounds on top of the money you ordinarily would have paid in current income taxes.

Fixed Annuities
Fixed Annuities provide a defined interest rate for a defined period of time. This interest rate is guaranteed.
Indexed Annuities

With Indexed Annuities you can benefit from stock market trends without owning stocks. An Indexed Annuity allows you to enjoy the security features of a traditional fixed annuity, while giving you the earning potential of market-linked earnings. Your account is guaranteed to never go down, even in a down stock market.

In addition to individual state insurance fund requirements, your annuity is guaranteed by the financial strength of the company you do business with. Therefore you should look for a strong, stable insurance company you can depend on.

Hill Country Associates represents some of the best known insurance companies who offer a wide range of Annuity Products. Many companies are offering bonuses up to 10% on indexed annuity products.  Please ask for details.

RBC Insurance
Allianz Insurance
ING Insurance
Amerus Insurance

American Equity

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